Busy Weekend, 2014 (and a touching poem)

‘Twas a busy weekend with a country barn dance on Saturday in Vernon and a wedding reception in Winfield on the Sunday.

Saturday afternoon setup and soundcheck…

2014aug8 2014aug92014aug13

Chillaxin’ at Sonny Boy Kev’s place before the gig…


Jonny B…diggin’ it


Russ sharing a tender moment, hosing off a bandmate


Sunday’s wedding reception was a blast! Thanks to our hosts, Geoff and Landis.


what a great idea


quite a musical family…this piano saw its share of action during every set break

2014aug5 2014aug3 2014aug1

First Dance…

2014aug7 2014aug6

Packed dance floor all night…wonderful people to hang with! Following tear-down, Russ headed home to Nelson. Here’s his poetic account of the middle-of-the-night adventure:

“It was past one oclock and the evening was done,

My van was packed up as the last song had rung.

Urgency set in as it was time to go home,

Said bye to the Baders while Jon sat on throne.

Wound my way south from Winfield to Kel,

How long would I drive? Diffy to tell.

Sleep will set in at some point along,

A 5 hour drive would prove far too long.

I recounted the night with coffee for fuel,

While scanning the road cuts for whitetail and mule.

(Like) why would Jon leave the safety of stage,

And allow one to strum him with intoxic rage.

And the stage crashing woman that Kev gave the boot,

After knocking his mic stand nearly breaking a tooth.

Chris on the drums. Girls surely dig.

But his Korean lyrics apparently not at the gig. 

And me asking one question but repetitively,

What key is this tune in? C E or D.

Twas making great time perhaps I could make it,

To Nelson BC before the kids would awaken.

.48 Special cranked to 11 my eyes open wide,

Geoff I remember, and such a beautiful bride?

Then suddenly I came too 

As my van shook and shimmied,

I hit the brake pedal nearly spilling my Timmys.

Hot burning rubber, oh what a smell!

Somewhere east of east Beaverdell.

Got out to look.  No apparent fire.

Just a irreparable mess of a blown-out tire.

This happened before at the Tick Tock and Rock.

But closer to town at a respectable clock.

So nothing to do but make room for sleep,

Mic stand in crotch, tangled cables at feet.

Morning came soon and on went the spare,

About the same size as a record by Cher.

80 clicks was the max speed recommended to go,

For exceeding this speed would surely mean tow.

Was passed by grandpas and grammas, trains, bikes and campers.

A slow trip for sure, oh what a damper!

Got home near noon and to Kev I will share,

In addition to gas money, will need wear and tear.”

…glad you’re home safely, Russ! Until next time…


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